Open Championships



To be able to participate in these events you need to have completed the required number of swims in these distances. (That is you must have competed in 100m events to be eligible to swim those events on Championship night).




(a)        Must be a financial member

(b)        If the competitor joins the Club between October and December, or is transferred from another Club at any time though the season (previous Club must ratify the number of swims completed by the competitor), he or she must have had at least 5 Club swims in Freestyle and Butterfly and 3 Club swims in Breaststroke and Backstroke.

(c)        If the competitor joins the Club on or after January 1st, then he/she must have had a least 2 Club Swims in all four strokes in the 100m.



Ipswich City Council
Bundamba Swim Centre